[Parentsgroup-list] question regarding comprehensive eye exam for 14-month old

Manuel Sprung msprung at wjh.harvard.edu
Tue Mar 30 14:36:19 EDT 2010

Dear parents,

hope you're all well, despite the rainy and cold weather. I am writing to
ask your comments on the following issue:

We'd like to have a comprehensive eye exam for our 14-month old daughter.
Such an exam would be part of the regular schedule of exams for children of
this age in Austria (where we are originally from). Our optometrist at the
Cambridge Eye Doctors  also encouraged us to have this done as soon
as possible. However, the Ophthalmologist he recommend to us, Dr. Strominger
at the Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston, doesn't work with children and
another Ophthalmologist there Dr. Varela only works with children ages 6
years and up. They have now refereed us to Dr. Wu at the Children's
Hospital, and we are starting to wonder why hardly anybody is able to do an
exam which seems like a standard procedure to us.

Anyway, I'd be most grateful for your general comments
about comprehensive eye exams for infants/babies and also about Dr. Wu or
any other Pediatric Ophthalmologists you might know, who would be able to do
an eye exam with 14-month-olds.

Thank you very much in advance for your help!

All best wishes,

Dr. Manuel Sprung
Harvard University
Department of Psychology
1232 William James Hall
33 Kirkland St. Cambridge, MA 02138
msprung at wjh.harvard.edu
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