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We ordered bunk beds from www.bunkbedking.com.  They are basic but solidly
built, and we got a walnut bunk bed with under-bead storage and drawers in
the staircase (it has a staircase rather than a ladder, which is nice for
the 3 year old) for about $700.  They don't come with mattresses, but
standard single mattresses fit perfectly.  Our almost 4 year old has been
sleeping on the top bunk for going on a year (no worries for mommy because
it is full inclosed-- no gap for the ladder) and our almost 2 year old has
been sleeping on the bottom with an added bedrail.

Hope this helps ;)

On Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 1:36 PM, Jessica Hartman Jacobs <
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> Hi there,
> I just ordered a twin size bed for our son from FLEXA (store next to ISIS
> in the Copley mall).  There were several posts with positive reviews on the
> gardenmoms site.  The whole furniture line is modular and parts can be added
> as needed.  You can go from a toddler low level bed with a trundle, then
> loft it to a mid or high rise level or convert it to bunks.  They even have
> triple decker bunk beds!  Interesting slides etc that you can add as well if
> you have the space.
> The beds aren't cheap, but the flexibility of them made it more intriguing
> to us.  Oh - and they can fit standard sheets, you don't have to get their
> sheet system.
> Good luck,
> Jessica
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