[Parentsgroup-list] ISO: Apartment for June/July sublet

spsuch spsuch at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 10:45:43 EDT 2010


I'm posting the below for a friend, as I figure this might be a good  
fit for a family on this list. You
can contact Gavi directly at the email he gives. Thanks! Sara (HGSE)

Can anyone recommend a furnished apartment to rent or sublet in the
Cambridge area for June and/or July? My wife and I have family that  
like to visit us (and stay somewhere comfortable, not in our small  
after our first child is born. They are looking to rent a place for
anywhere from a couple weeks to more than a month. If you have any leads
for us to pursue, or if you're planning on being away and would like a
renter/caretaker in your absence, please email me directly, at
gaviwolfe at gmail.com.

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