[Parentsgroup-list] Second request: GSAS Parents' Group Chair

Susannah Rose rose at fas.harvard.edu
Thu Mar 18 14:13:55 EDT 2010

Dear GSAS Parents:
I sent the email below a few weeks ago, but have not heard from anyone. Please
let me know if you are interested -- even in co-chairing the group next year. I
am nearing the end of my time here at Harvard, and I would really like to see
the group continue after I leave -- we have over 400 members!

Thanks everyone, and enjoy your break!
Susannah (GSAS Student Parents Group)

Hello everyone,

My name is Susannah Rose, and I have served as the chair of the GSAS Parents'
Group for the past two years. However, given that I am in the midst of
finishing my degree, and due to some personal reasons, I need to pass the
leadership to a new person.

In the past, the leadership has been based upon who volunteers; if more than one
person is interested now, the position can be split into two positions
(co-chairs), and/or we can hold elections. In fact, I think that much more can
be done with the group if multiple people assume leadership positions.

This is a good opportunity to meet people, to help people and to learn more
about the Harvard system. Please let me know if you are interested - I am happy
to tell you more.


Susannah Rose (rose at fas.harvard.edu)

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