[Parentsgroup-list] part-time nanny or babysitter

Kira Petersen kpeters at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Mar 3 10:45:45 EST 2010

Several people have inquired about a good babysitter or part-time
nanny and I would like to recommend my "partial au-pair."
Lara is from Germany and arrived a couple of weeks ago. She is the
daughter of a friend of the family and is here to improve her English
and get some international experience before beginning her
undergraduate studies. She stays with me and provides me with
part-time child-care--usually a couple of late afternoons or evenings
a week and some time on the weekend. She is doing a great job so far,
my son really likes her, and I feel completely comfortable leaving him
in her care. She has extensive babysitting experience with different
age groups as well.

She is generally available during the week from early morning to late
afternoon and also a few evenings a week.

If anyone is still looking for a part-time nanny or a babysitter,
please get in touch with me: 617-669-1154.

kind regards,

Kira Petersen

Kira Petersen
Department of Government
Harvard University
kpeters at fas.harvard.edu

"What is possible is not independent of what we believe to be
possible. The possibility of such developments in the practical world
depends upon their being grasped imaginatively by the people who make
the practical world work."
–– Neil MacCormick

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