[Parentsgroup-list] Day care scholarship program ending

Griffin, April Marie April_Griffin at hms.harvard.edu
Tue Mar 2 13:36:13 EST 2010

Is this the same scholarship for Dms students who have children in non- 
harvard affiliated daycares? I receive that scholarship and didn't get  
the email below that it was discontinued.

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On Mar 2, 2010, at 1:32 PM, "Rud, Debrah Shurman" <debrah_rud at student.hms.harvard.edu 
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> I received the scholarship for two consecutive years and basically I  
> knew I had the scholarship before I officially signed the contract  
> with the daycare center.  So I was on the waitlist, got the slot,  
> applied for the scholarship (I had already filled out all the  
> paperwork and it was ready to go before I got the slot) and told the  
> center that I needed to have the scholarship answer before I could  
> sign the contract and they gave me a few days to wait.  The  
> scholarship office works closely with the Harvard centers, so I  
> didn't have to pay my deposit until I got my scholarship funds,  
> etc.  In general, I thought that this was a good program and feel  
> strongly that it should be extended.
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> Please tell me if I'm wrong, but I think that this is the program
> where you had to be already accepted and have a signed contract with
> one of Harvard's day care centers before you could have a decision
> from the scholaship fund. In other words, you had to have the means to
> afford getting stuck with a $1,500 to $2,000/mo contract if the
> scholarphip didn't come through. And you had to have the time and
> resources to wait in line for a spot to open at these places,
> competing with Harvard faculty couples making 10X as much as you.
> About a year ago, a friend who used to get the scholarship told me to
> apply for it anyway, since the restriction that you have a contract
> before getting funds made most people not apply and thus there was
> always money available. My daughter was already in Kindergarten by
> that time.
> Is this information correct? If so, it was an unfair program,
> benefiting those already doing well, or those with inside information
> about how it worked in practice.
> For obvious reasons, I support need-based programs with transparent  
> processes.
> S
> On Tue, Mar 2, 2010 at 12:26 PM, Meredith Quinn  
> <quinn at fas.harvard.edu> wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I just received the following email indicating that GSAS is ending  
>> the
>> program to assist with day care tuition.  I don't know if there's  
>> anything
>> that can be done about this.  Does anyone have a sense of how these
>> decisions might be reversed?
>> Meredith
>> From: "Office of Work/Life Resources" <worklife at harvard.edu>
>> Date: March 2, 2010 10:10:41 AM EST
>> To: "Quinn, Meredith Moss" <quinn at fas.harvard.edu>
>> Subject: RE: Day Care Scholarships for GSAS students
>> Dear Meredith,
>> It is with considerable regret that we write to inform you that the  
>> Doctoral
>> Student Pilot Child Care Scholarship Program will not be renewed  
>> for Fiscal
>> Year 2011. As a result we will not be accepting applications for  
>> the coming
>> year. As you know, this program was a pilot, initially approved for  
>> three
>> years and then extended for a fourth. Although the pilot provided
>> significant financial support to some doctoral student parents, it  
>> is not
>> possible to continue the program in its current form.
>> A working group that includes the Office of Work/Life,  
>> representatives of
>> the Office of Faculty Development and Diversity, and the Graduate  
>> School of
>> Arts and Sciences is actively exploring new strategies to support  
>> doctoral
>> student parents.
>> If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email  
>> Sarah
>> Bennett-Astesano (sarah_bennett-astesano at harvard.edu).
>> We also have the Graduate Students Parents email list that can be  
>> accessed
>> through the Child Care website at harvard
>> (http://www.childcare.harvard.edu/childcare/connecting.shtml)
>> Best,
>> Natalie
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