[Parentsgroup-list] seeking babysitter/nanny for regular weekend hours this summer

Alison Denton Jones adjones at fas.harvard.edu
Thu Jun 17 14:45:48 EDT 2010


We are looking for a regular babysitter for our one-year-old on the 
weekends this summer. I'm finishing my dissertation and need to work a 
lot on the weekends for the next two months or so.

We're really hoping to find someone who is available all summer (with a 
week or two off for travel); ideally for about 4 hours each on Saturday 
and Sunday. But we are pretty flexible about the exact time; would 
consider more hours on a single day if that's all that we can find.

Does anyone have any babysitters or nannies they recommend and would be 
interested in weekend hours? It seems to be a tall order to get regular 
weekend hours. Any leads will be appreciated!


Alison Denton Jones	adjones at fas.harvard.edu
Harvard University Sociology PhD Candidate
609 William James Hall	
33 Kirkland St.		Cambridge, MA 02138

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