[Parentsgroup-list] What comes after the car seat? (Juliana Cohen)

Juliana Cohen jcohen at hsph.harvard.edu
Wed Jun 9 11:04:17 EDT 2010

My mom, a pediatrician, specializes in car seat and booster seat safety so I passed along your question to her.  I thought others my benefit from her response as well!  Best, Juliana
"You’re right: It’s not a good idea to use your current seat if your son has exceeded the height limit. (If his ears are over the top of the car seat he could get whiplash).  But seats with internal harnesses are safer than boosters, especially for kids under 4. For tall - or actually, all children! - it’s a good idea to get a forward-facing-only seat with a harness that is rated higher than 40 lbs and also converts to a booster. (Read the fine print carefully – many parents think that many of these combination seats can be used with the harness at higher than the 40 lbs at which most are rated). The one the national experts frequently recommend is the Graco Nautilus, which fits well in almost all cars. Your local Child Passenger Safety Fitting Station or Technician can help you put it in correctly. Find one at  www.nhtsa.gov ( http://www.nhtsa.gov/ ) (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), and lots of reputable car seat info at www.carseat.org ( http://www.
 carseat.org/ ). "
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