[Parentsgroup-list] 2 openings at Cambridge Kids Cooperative Feb 1

Paul and JoAnna Novonaar novonaar at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 11:01:10 EST 2010

Hi List,

My son's co-operative, Kids Co-op Cambrige (http://kidscoopcambridge.com/),
has two openings for the spring semester, beginning Feburary 1.  Kids Co-op
has been a really great experience for us, and I'd highly recommend it to

The Kids' Coop Cambridge is a 100% parent-run coop, currently held at St.
James Episcopal Church in Porter Square. Please see the website for details
about the program.  It's open to children 18 months to 5 years of age. The
Coop provides parents and caregivers an informal forum for sharing ideas on
parenting young children, time to interact with and meet other adults, as
well as "kid free" personal time each week.

Children can stay at the Coop three mornings per week. On one of those three
days, a parent from each family must take on the role of caregiver.
Therefore, parents stay one day to work and have two drop-off mornings per
week. There are fifteen member families.

Due to planned renovations at the site where we are currently housed, we are
seeking a new space and anticipate a move during or at the end of the Spring
semester. We are currently evaluating several options, all within strolling
distance of the red line (Davis/Porter, Harvard, and Central Squares). In
the meantime, we will continue to operate at the St. James Church. Should
you decide to join Kids' Co-operative, it will be with the expectation that
you will participate in this process, assist with the move (packing, etc.),
and stay on with us should we move to the new location before the end of the
school year through mid-June unless doing so would cause hardship for your
family. There is no obligation to continue in the Fall.

Feel free to email me with any questions, and I will respond or forward them
on to another Coop member.

Thanks for your interest!
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