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Peters-Fransen petersfransen at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 13:41:43 EST 2010

My son was born last winter. We went to the OBGYN practice at HUHS (in
Holyoke) and was pleased with the care. They deliver at Brigham and
Womens which is something like the third top rated maternity hospital in
the US. My husband stayed with us the entire time and a cot for him was
a standard part of the post-partum room. That will be true of almost any
hospital you choose. If you want something less medicalized, look into
midwives at Mt Auburn or the Cambridge Birth Center/Hospital.

> Dear parents,
> thank you very much for the many responses I received to the message
> concerning my research study!
> This time I am writing about a much more personal matter. My wife and I just
> learned that we are expecting a new baby. Since we are still fairly new to
> this area we'd be most grateful for any recommendations on
> good gynecologists (perhaps with a special focus on pregnancy and birth) as
> well as good hospitals for the birth. Thank you very much!
> Besides, when my daughter was born in Austria last year I was able to stay
> in the hospital room with my wife and newborn baby for the entire time they
> were in the hospital. Does anyone know if this would also be possible at any
> of the hospitals around here?
> Thank you very much for any recommendations you might have!
> Best wishes,
> Manuel

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