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Fri Feb 19 11:05:43 EST 2010

 We just arrived in Boston from San Francisco and found it hard to find a
preschool (long waiting lists!!)  for our younger child who is 17 months. We
wanted her to continue with Mandarin, which she has been exposed to since
birth in San Francisco though nannies and then a Mandarin immersion Reggio
Emilia preschool. Just by chance, we heard of a new RE Mandarin preschool
opening in Boston, so we went to see it.

Our daughter was one of the first kids a few weeks ago and she is already
saying half a dozen Mandarin words. The staff are so loving, have many years
of childcare background and kids do not need to have any Mandarin knowledge
to start (I've run into several parents signing up who have no knowledge of
Mandarin). Staff are bilingual and the center has all new toys and Reggio
Emilia play zones in age appropriate spaces. I think they take kids from 6
weeks old to 6 years and I imagine there's no waiting list yet as they are
just starting (but I can't be certain of this because there has suddenly
been a lot of interest in this school as enthusiastic parents like me are
spreading the news!)

I was particularly excited about it being Mandarin AND Reggio Emilia,
because I'm Italian and come from close to Reggio Emilia (Ferrara) and
attended at one point in my childhood a Reggio Emilia inspired preschool.
The joy of playing and learning there, and the joy of the space has remained
with me ever since!

The school is called Buds and Blossoms and the contact person is the
director, Judy Kilgore (a lovely, kind person, with decades of
childcare/preschool experience) - 617-426-9492. Tell her you saw Silvia's
post on the Harvard parents' list.

Judy Kilgore

Director, Buds and Blossoms

Asian American Civic Association

(617) 426-2881 ext. 259

jkilgore at aaca-boston.org

Feel free to call me for any info as a parent. Silvia 415-420-3398. (Also if
anyone is moving to San Francisco and would like to know about Mandarin
schools there)
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