[Parentsgroup-list] Toddler Eating Problem

Meeta Sharma Gupta meeta at eecs.harvard.edu
Mon Feb 8 19:15:51 EST 2010

Hi All,

My son, who is 2 years now, is quite picky with food. He has been subjected to quite a lot of changes in the last few months, first  a new daycare, then travel to India for almost 2 months and now back to his daycare. He used to be quite good with food, even try to eat on his own before all these changes started. Now, he will eat with a lot of fuss, and everything is a 'no' 'no'. there are some good days when he eats happily. I try to keep myself as calm about this but I am looking for any possible advice regarding this. Is this a phase which will pass? How should i get him interested in food? 

Also, how should i deal with his saying 'no' to everything problem? His first reply to anything, any activity is a 'no'. Is this a sign of his resentment to all the change he has gone through? He is in general a very happy kid and very sociable. This new changes in his behavior make me feel guilty about all these changes we put him through. 

Looking forward to some advice,
(Mother of Aarush, 2)

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