[Parentsgroup-list] Are you interested in your child participating in a study on stressful life events?

Manjari Chatterjee Miller mchatter at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Feb 5 17:11:53 EST 2010

No offence but if my small child (thankfully) hasn't experienced any
stressful life events, is there a good reason to subject him to questions
about hypothetical stressful situations..wouldn't that be...umm...stressful?

On Fri, Feb 5, 2010 at 4:58 PM, Manuel Sprung <msprung at wjh.harvard.edu>wrote:

> Dear parents,
> I am the very proud father of a 1 year old daughter and I am also child
> psychologist working in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University.
> I am writing to inquire if you might be interested for your
> to participant in a research study I am conducting. I have previously worked
> with children who were affected by the Hurricane Katrina disaster, and also
> with children from schools in the greater Boston area. My current study aims
> to improve our understanding of how young children think and feel about
> stressful life events, including major negative life events such as a
> medical illness, injury, accident, or loss of a loved one, as well as other
> stressful life events, such as moving cities, birth of a sibling, parental
> separation. You may think that discussion of stressful life events should be
> avoided. However, research shows that if anything it can be beneficial for
> children to talk about their experiences. We will also compare children who
> did experience major stressful life events with a control group of children
> who did not experience any major stressful life events. I should emphasize
> that children who participated in my earlier research generally found their
> experience interesting and enjoyable.
> Thus, I invite you and your child to participate even if your child never
> experienced any major stressful life events. Participation will involve two
> interviews, each about 45 minutes long. The interviews can take place at
> your child's school, at our offices at Harvard, or in your home. During
> interviews children will play games, listen to stories, and will be asked
> questions about how they think and feel about stressful life events. After
> each interview children will receive a small prize as a token of
> appreciation for their participation.
> If your child is between the age of 5 and 13, and you would like to hear
> more about the study, please contact me by e-mail (msprung at wjh.harvard.edu)
> or phone (617-495-3746). Thank you very much for your consideration. I hope
> to hear from you.
> Warm regards,
> Manuel Sprung
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> Dr. Manuel Sprung
> Harvard University
> Department of Psychology
> 1232 William James Hall
> 33 Kirkland St. Cambridge, MA 02138
> 617-495-3746
> msprung at wjh.harvard.edu
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