[Parentsgroup-list] Looking for a (Korean-speaking) nanny

Mia You miayou at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 13:24:26 EST 2010


My husband and I are moving back to Cambridge in January and are
looking for someone to help take care of our 6 month-old son. Although
it's not absolutely required, we would prefer someone who speaks
Korean, so that the baby can begin to hear the language's sounds and
maybe pick up a couple words. (I am Korean-American and bilingual, but
we decided I should consistently speak English to the baby. My husband
speaks Dutch.)

This is a very low-key job. Our son is very easy-going, plays really
well on his own, and naps consistently. My husband and I will also be
working primarily from home, so one of us will almost always be
around. We just need an extra hand, as we both have big projects to
finish soon and need some focused work time. We're hoping for
approximately 10 hours/week-- how those hours are spread out, and
when, is flexible.

We think this might be a nice job for the family member of a visiting
scholar or graduate student, who is looking for something to do and
likes spending time with children.

Please contact me (miayou at gmail.com) if you know someone who might be
interested. Or if you have any suggestions for where else I should
post this job ad!


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