[Parentsgroup-list] Mandarin speaking nanny/preschool or Italian preschool

SC hedgehogandfox at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 14:12:28 EDT 2009

Looking for all or any of the following in the Boston area.

1- Mandarin-immersion preschool,
2, native Mandarin-speaking nanny
3, Italian immersion preschool.

We're looking for a Mandarin-speaking nanny or preschool from about December
to look after our daughter  Isabella who is 13m and (very) occasionally our
son, who is almost 3. They have been with a Mandarin-speaking nanny since
they were very small and our son now goes to a Mandarin immersion preschool
here in San Francisco and is fluent when he feels like it (:  We are moving
to Boston in December.
Nanny hours can be shared/few days a week, all day - we're flexible. The
person doesn't even have to be a formal 'nanny,' as long as they have
experience with kids, are 100% reliable and trustworthy, cheerful, creative
and fun and are native Mandarin speakers. Would suit the spouse of someone
studying at a Boston university and would like  a little part time job.

Second question - are there any Mandarin immersion preschools in the Boston
area (within about 30 miles)? We'd really like our son to continue with a
school like his current Reggio Emilia Mandarin immersion (presidioknolls.org).
This would be our first choice for him and his sister (13m)

Third question - are there any Italian immersion preschools? I am Italian
and I speak to both kids only in Italian. Our son went to such a school here
(lpsisf.org) until the Mandarin school opened - at which point we decided it
was better that he hear native Mandarin there (my Mandarin isn't native) and
I continue with Italian, but if there is an Italian preschool in Boston area
that would be better for him than English only which he hears all day and is
fluent in.

Thank you to all and I look forward to moving to your beautiful city. Silvia
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