[Parentsgroup-list] places to do birthday parties

Susannah Rose rose at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Sep 23 13:26:24 EDT 2009

Catarine and others --

The popular thing around Cambridge seems to be to hold birthday parties at
public parks, since most folks do not have enough room in their apartments --
particularly as kids get older. However, I think that a less crowded, larger
park might be best -- to give non-party goers some space.

I personally chose to rent a place for my daughter's year-old party this year
because I don't feel quite right about the park thing -- places that I have
heard about, are the New England Aquarium, the Science Museum, Harvard's
Natural History Museum (not sure if they are still doing this, however), Chucky
Cheese's and the American Girl Doll Store (both not in Cambridge). All of these
places can cost a lot, so investigate first.

If anyone has any other ideas, please share. I am not aware of any free Harvard
facilities for parents to use for kids' parties or playdates, for example.
Best, Susannah (GSAS Parents' Group Chair and Listserv administrator)

Susannah Rose, MS, MSW
PhD Candidate, Ethics Track
Harvard University
rose at fas.harvard.edu

Quoting Catarine Verdi <Catarine_Verdi at emerson.edu>:

> Hey!
> I was wondering if you know of any place to do birthday parties for kids? My
> son is turning 1 and we haven't found a place yet...any suggestions would be
> more than welcome...thanks a lot!!!
> Catarine
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