[Parentsgroup-list] Dr. Holzman follow up

Maryann Shenoda mshenoda at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Sep 22 13:05:45 EDT 2009

Dear parents,
Last July I posted a message with details about how Dr. Holzman gave  
our son the wrong shot at his 15 month visit.  Since then I have filed  
a complaint with HUHS and with the Board of Registration in Medicine  
(BORIM).  I have to say  that I was not at all satisfied with HUHS's  
response because the doctors involved simply apologized for making our  
son uncomfortable with an extra prick of the needle.  This is a much  
bigger problem than just an extra needle prick.  The BORIM process was  
a little better.  The Board investigated the situation and required  
Dr. Holzman to respond to my complaint in writing.  I just received  
her letter today which attempts to excuse her negligence due to a  
switch from paper to electronic files and because we did not bring our  
little blue book (which is for our records) to that visit.  Anyhow,  
the case is closed for now and BORIM has responded to her letter  
saying that she does need to consult a patient's chart and a minor's  
parents before injecting anything.

Further complaints could reopen this case and further investigation  
could be carried out.  I urge all parents who have a complaint to take  
the time to make your complaints heard.  You may email me offline  
about BORIM information or about anything else regarding this matter.

To be clear, this is not an attempt to simply grumble about a  
particular doctor, this is about the safety of our children and the  
medical attention they receive.


Maryann M. Shenoda
Ph.D Candidate
Harvard University
Department of History
Robinson Hall
35 Quincy Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

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