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Susannah Rose rose at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Oct 23 16:01:58 EDT 2009

Dear Harvard Grad Student Parents:

I hope that everyone is doing well, and I welcome the new members to the
ParentsGroup listserv. We have about 450 members on the listserv, which is
great. I hope to schedule a group "playdate" soon -- if anyone is interested in
helping me organize this event, please let me know.

If you know of other student-parents at Harvard, feel free to invite them to
join. They can subscribe by following this link:


I do want to remind everyone that this listserv is ONLY for Graduate Student
Parents at Harvard. If you are not a student, you can easily unsubscribe from
this list by following the same link above.

I just read this article entitled "Why So Few Doctoral-Student Parents?" and I
thought it was interesting. Many of issues discussed by the author sound
similar to situations that I hear about here at Harvard among grad-student

article link: http://chronicle.com/article/Why-So-Few-Doctoral-Student/48872/

**Keep in touch:
I look forward to my final year as the Chair of the GSAS Student-Parents
Organization (I plan to graduate in May); please let me know if you have
questions or suggestions.

Susannah (Chair, GSAS Student-Parents Organization)

Susannah Rose, MS, MSW
PhD Candidate, Health Policy Program
Harvard University
rose at fas.harvard.edu

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