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Eva Kuhelj eva.kuhelj at yahoo.com
Fri May 22 22:20:32 EDT 2009

Dear parents,

If anybody needs help with babysitting, I can recommend you a friend Marjan who finished her LLM at Harvard Law School in June 2008 and is now working as a consultant at Harvard. Since she works as a researcher, her schedule is very flexible.  

She really likes children and she knows how to be a friend and get along with them. Here is an email of a lady for whom she did baby sitting for a while (Ms. Golnaz Tabatai email: shoreng at yahoo.com). Also, her resume is attached. She would be able to star any time after May 31.

Please contact Marjan directly with any further questions (mtabari at post.harvard.edu).   

Best regards, 

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