[Parentsgroup-list] Childcare suggestions for our 20 month old boy

Hermione Cronje hcronje at npa.gov.za
Wed May 20 07:31:45 EDT 2009

Hi Everyone


My partner and I will arrive in Cambridge in the last week in June with
a 20 month old boy. I start classes at the Kennedy School on 1 July 2009
for a year long program. We will take up residence at Peabody Terrace
and had hoped to get our son into the Peabody Childcare Centre, but our
application was unsuccessful and he is now on, what I understand to be,
a very long waiting list.


We are looking for alternative suggestions for childcare. We would
prefer him to be in a structured environment with other kids rather than
in a nanny share arrangement. So any recommendations of childcare
facilities in the Cambridge area, as close to Peabody Terrace as
possible (other than the Harvard affiliated ones as they all appear to
be full) would be most appreciated.



Hermione Cronje

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