[Parentsgroup-list] Hiking carrier

Wright, Friederike D Mrs DoD Ben friederike.wright at us.army.mil
Tue May 19 21:28:07 EDT 2009

Hi fellow parents,

I see a lot of people walk around Cambridge with one of those metal frame back carriers. We have been considering buying one for our now 20 month-old daughter but never got to it. 
I was wondering if any one of you had such a toddler back carrier that they don't need next week and we could borrow for a hiking trip from about this Friday or Saturday (22/23) until next Saturday or Sunday (30/31). I know it is Memorial Day weekend, but maybe someone doesn't need theirs anyway. We would be willing to pay a small "rental fee" too (does $2.50 /day sound ok?)

If you are willing to lend us your carrier, please contact me at the above e-mail or at 617-686-5488.



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