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Dear Elizabeth,

Although it may be different for mid-career MA students (and you don't 
specify which of the grad schools you will be at, which may also 
matter), in general all grad students enrolled at Harvard and taking 
classes are required to enroll in the Harvard University Student Health 
Plan. This has two parts, one for care received through the Harvard 
Health Services. You can't get out of that if you are an enrolled 
student. The other part, a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan, is supplemental. 
You can waive that if you provide proof of equivalent health care 
coverage. However, since you can't waive the first part, you'd be paying 
for both the required Harvard part and private insurance that overlapped 
a lot. Given this, it is probably best to go with both parts of the 
Harvard package, which although a little expensive, have very extensive 
coverage with few to no additional co-pays or fees.

The most up-to-date description of the plan is here:

Last year's info which gives more detail on waiving insurance is here:

However, you should check with the Member Services (Insurance) 
617-495-2008 people at the Harvard Health Services to find out exactly 
what your options and requirements are. It may differ depending on the 
school and program (but I don't think so).

Hope this is helpful!

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> Hello parents, 
> Many of you kindly replied to an earlier email I sent out about public schools and so I thought I would request your generous advice on our next logistical issue, health insurance. 
> We are moving from Canada to Somerville in August and my husband and I will both be at Harvard for one year to complete Masters programs.
> I am wondering what you might advise in terms of health insurance options. We are all healthy (knock on wood!), and don't have any special medical needs.  
> Would you recommend the Harvard University Health Services plan or a private plan? If the latter, which one might be best given we will just need it for one year. 
> Your advice is appreciated. 
> Cheers, 
> Liz
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