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Hello parents, 

Many of you kindly replied to an earlier email I sent out about public schools and so I thought I would request your generous advice on our next logistical issue, health insurance. 

We are moving from Canada to Somerville in August and my husband and I will both be at Harvard for one year to complete Masters programs.

I am wondering what you might advise in terms of health insurance options. We are all healthy (knock on wood!), and don't have any special medical needs.  

Would you recommend the Harvard University Health Services plan or a private plan? If the latter, which one might be best given we will just need it for one year. 

Your advice is appreciated. 



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Subject: [Parentsgroup-list] Advice about public schools and neighbourhoods in Somerville - moving from Ottawa to Boston next year

Hello parents! 

My husband and I and our two children (age 4 and 6 years) will be moving from Ottawa, Canada, to Boston this summer as each of us will be completing a one year mid career masters at Harvard in 2009-2010. Our kids will be in Kindergarden 2 and Grade 2 next year. We are looking forward to a great year.  

I am hoping you can help me with a bit of advice. We are looking to live in Somerville -  one of the main reasons for this is that the lottery system in the public school system in Cambridge seems to makes it impossible for us as renters who will register late to predict what school our kids will get into. 

We have found two apartments which look good to us as outsiders in terms of the "family-friendliness" of the neighbourhood. The first apartment is up the street form the JF Kennedy public school and a short walk to Benjamin Brown school. The second is near Washington St/Beacon St or Kirkland Village (the latter may just be real estate lingo but that is what the map says) and the local school is Lincoln Park school. We have heard good things about JFK and BBrown school but know that the reputation of Lincoln Park school isn't so good, although the facility is apparently lovely. 

We are really wanting to walk our kids to school and move to a friendly neighbourhood where the kids can play outside and meet other children, use their bikes etc.

Your advice about the above would be appreciated, particularly as it concerns Lincoln School. My concerns about the school are less about the acadmic rigor, as they will be there only one year, but I want them to be happy at the school. 

Thank-you in advance for all of your insider opinions. 

Liz Muggah

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