[Parentsgroup-list] Musical education for kids

Alexander Macalalad amacalal at hsph.harvard.edu
Tue May 5 13:32:40 EDT 2009


We recently were given an upright piano (thanks Mom!) and are 
considering piano lessons for our kids.  I had the following questions 
for the group:

1.  What were your thoughts or experiences about musical education in 
general and piano lessons specifically?  Is there an age when it is too 
soon or too late to start?  Pointers to good piano teachers?  Price for 
2.  Anyone know a good, cheap piano tuner?
3.  Anyone have a piano bench or equivalent they would consider giving 
away?  Right now we are using unpacked boxes of books to sit on.

Like many grad students, we don't have a lot of resources.  I do think 
that money towards a musical education is money well spent, but I wanted 
to tap the collective experience of the group for your thoughts.

You can email me privately for questions #2 or #3.  Question #1 might be 
of general interest to the group.

Thanks in advance for any help or pointers you can give.


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