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Karen makes a good point, folks.
There are a variety of reasons to choose a slower vaccination schedule,
among them medical ones, but there are also excellent reasons to consider
the standard schedule.

>From my perspective, setting the medical causes and data aside, I would not
pause over the number of injections.  It's been my experience that really,
really basic pain management can make injections and blood draws easy for
children. The nurses at CHA are not, unfortunately, practiced in offering
such help. So, my suggestion is that whichever vaccination schedule you
choose, consider doing a little reading on pain management for children and

Makes doctor visits infinitely easier! And even fun.


On Tue, Mar 24, 2009 at 2:37 PM, Karen Huyck <khuyck at hsph.harvard.edu>wrote:

> The nurses who administer the vaccines at CHA have a very good article fr=
> the journal Pediatrics regarding the Vaccine Book and the alternative
> schedule as well as some very good evidence-based literature from the
> Children's Hospital in Philadelphia Vaccine Education Program. You may wa=
> to request a copy of these and read them before deciding to use the
> alternative schedule. Keep in mind too that the alternative schedule many
> parents request involves about 12 extra visits and 22 extra shots. That
> said, we see Callahan at CHA (on the regular vaccine schedule) and she is
> willing to do whatever it takes to get kids immunized including the
> alternative schedule. Karen
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