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Marna Costanzo mcostanz at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Mar 24 17:23:42 EDT 2009

Hi Marissa,

I was enrolled in the Harvard University Health services and had my son at
the Cambridge Birth Center; everything was great and I didn't have co-pays
for anything pre-partum.  I imagine Mt. Auburn would be similar but my real
comment is on the baby's health care.

We put our baby on my husband's Harvard Pilgrim Health plan at birth and I
really wish we hadn't!  We had so many co-pays and are still getting bills
from his birth (9 months later) that the health plan rejected.  My first
child was on the university health plan - we used pediatrics at UHS and were
very happy with absolutely no bills to figure out.  He was born in CA under
the health care plan and we had a $300 copay for the birth but that was it.

We switched both our kids to HUHS now, which has been cheaper and has
alleviated a lot of stress trying to figure out bills all the time for
healthy kids.  So my personal experience with Harvard Pilgrim has been less
than happy, although it may change depending on your plan.  But it's a whole
lof of hassle and stress in my experience!  Also, students don't have copay
at HUHS, but post-docs may.

Congratulations and all the best for figuring these things out!


2009/3/24 Marissa Olson Hummon <marissa.olson at gmail.com>

> Hi fellow grad students,
> I'm graduating this June, but staying on as a post doc in my lab.  I'm al=
> going to have a baby at the end of July.  I think my HUHS/BCBS insurance
> runs through the end of July - but I will need to enroll in one of two
> options for post docs: Harvard Univ. Group Health or Harvard Pilgrim.  I'm
> currently seeing the Mt. Auburn Midwives and plan to deliver at Mt. Auburn
> Hospital.  Anyone have any experience with switching health insurance near
> your due date?  Anyone enrolled in HUGHP or Harvard Pilgrim - and using M=
> Auburm Midwives?
> Thanks,
> Marissa
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