[Parentsgroup-list] switching insurance from HUHS to HUGHP

Marissa Olson Hummon marissa.olson at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 12:43:02 EDT 2009

Hi fellow grad students,

I'm graduating this June, but staying on as a post doc in my lab.  I'm also
going to have a baby at the end of July.  I think my HUHS/BCBS insurance
runs through the end of July - but I will need to enroll in one of two
options for post docs: Harvard Univ. Group Health or Harvard Pilgrim.  I'm
currently seeing the Mt. Auburn Midwives and plan to deliver at Mt. Auburn
Hospital.  Anyone have any experience with switching health insurance near
your due date?  Anyone enrolled in HUGHP or Harvard Pilgrim - and using Mt.
Auburm Midwives?

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