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I wonder why everybody is always talking about breastfeeding PROS and CONS.=
 You're not doing better when you breastfeed, but you're doing worse when y=
ou give formula, that's the point. And you know that when you try to answer=
 the question "what is formula ?"
Of course breast milk is not a magical elixir, people and journalists who t=
ell that are just doing some poetry. Breast milk is only the normal thing. =
The natural process is more reliable than the industrial one, and we don't =
need to count IQ points to know that.
The Atlantic article shows that American propaganda about breastfeeding wen=
t too far : some women believed the propaganda and were disappointed, so no=
w they are initiating a kind of revolt as naive as their first belief in th=
e magic. It's unfair for the people who try so hard to obtain a better legi=
slation for working mothers.

Emilie Cappella

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Hi parents,

I wonder what you'll make of this provocative article.  I feel like I also =
had my issues with breastfeeding (especially the inequality it sets up in t=
he parenting between mother and father) but I feel quite strongly that it i=
s the best option for my child.  The article below brings up a lot of quest=
ions about breastfeeding and I wonder what the highly educated members of t=
his listserve will make of it.

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