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Thanks Irene for bringing this article to our attention.

When my husband and I found out we were pregnant - we panicked for a little
while.  We were (still are) both graduate students and had several years
left.  My primary motivation for breastfeeding was money.  We used just
about every cost saving measure in the book for having a new baby: we built
a low bed from old bookcases (purchased a new mattress), we acquired
clothing as gifts or bought used, we built a high chair, we used cloth
diapers and wash them at home, we made a sling and cart her to a home
daycare three blocks away, and when it came to feeding - breastfeeding
seemed a lot cheaper than formula, and I stopped when I knew we could
introduce cow's milk.

I had mixed feelings about breastfeeding.  At times it seemed wonderful,
other times I wanted to have the same freedoms my husband still seemed to
have, even though both of became parents.  For some reason we didn't do a
great job of transitioning from me breastfeeding to him burping and
comforting.  The baby just seemed to stay in my arms...

After I started working in the lab again, we settled on a division of labor:
I handled all things milk - breastfeeding, pumping, cleaning parts and
bottles; my husband handled all laundry - diapers and our family laundry.
His job required way less time than mine - but I wasn't sure how to make
things any more equitable.

What other proactive things did you and your husband do to even out the work
load of parenting an infant?


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