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Dear All,

Thanks Irene for the article. This is exactly what I wanted to hear from
ANYONE for the last five years of raising my two kids ( I breastfed both)
Despite all this euphoria about breastfeeding, I found many "cons" to it,
but was wondering why no one mentions about them. After having exclusively
breastfeeding two kids as a full-time student mom, I now advice other
moms-to-be that formula is OK, and sometimes even better for some kids.  My
younger one had a serious atopic dermatitis and food allergies, and whatever
I ate affected him through breast milk.  My diet was restricted, and I had
to always worry about anything that I unknowingly ate -- which was another
stress in addition to what I already had.

In addition, in oriental medicine, they say breastfeeding is "extracting the
bone marrow of the mother." Despite the Western medicine's argument that it
does not affect mother's health, and even good for burning calories, my
oriental doctor said I will be left with only "packaging" (with no content
inside) after breastfeeding. Whenever I went to him for chronic fatigue and
illness, he advised me many times to change to formulas. But because I was
hoping my son's allergies would get better from exclusive breastfeeding, I
just couldn't stop.  My younger son is now 27 months old, and his allergies
has not gotten better, if not worse.  In addition, I did not come back to my
normal weight until I weaned them -- breastfeeding made my appetite

Anyways, I would still choose breastfeeding over formula for many other
reasons, but shorter in duration or with some sort of "compromise."  I just
think it would be fair to give mothers the complete picture of pros and CONS
of the breastfeeding, and have them choose, and no more stigma about the

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2009/3/16 Irene Newton <irene.newton at gmail.com>

> Hi parents,
> I wonder what you'll make of this provocative article.  I feel like I also
> had my issues with breastfeeding (especially the inequality it sets up in
> the parenting between mother and father) but I feel quite strongly that it
> is the best option for my child.  The article below brings up a lot of
> questions about breastfeeding and I wonder what the highly educated membe=
> of this listserve will make of it.
> http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200904/case-against-breastfeeding
> -Irene
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