[Parentsgroup-list] Advice wanted about graduation accommodations

sarreal at fas.harvard.edu sarreal at fas.harvard.edu
Sun Mar 15 20:44:21 EDT 2009

I'm a History GSAS student (residing in CA) and I'm graduating this June.  I've
been scouring craigslist for accommodations for me and my family for
graduation.  I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions.   I'm looking for a
2-bedroom sublet near Harvard Square or a T-stop for 4 adults (myself, my
husband, and my parents) and 2 well-behaved young children (my 4 year old and 1
year old).   We want to pay around $300 per night for 3-4 nights - June 2, 3,4,
and possibly 5.  We would like an apartment close to Harvard Square or a T-Stop
because my mother is currently undergoing chemotherapy for cancer and she
probably won't have enough energy to walk very far.  Any suggestions would be
greatly appreciated.

Julia Sarreal
Ph.D. Candidate in Latin American History sarreal at fas.harvard.edu

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