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Kontos, Emily Zobel Emily_Kontos at DFCI.HARVARD.EDU
Sun Mar 15 13:19:42 EDT 2009

Yes the policy is STRICT! I delivered in the evening and my sister and  
father were downstairs and were not allowed to see us, we knew this  
going in but I wanted to test the policy. However you can assign up to  
three people as your birthing help- they give you these forms in the  
welcome packet. These people are granted free access where ever and  
when ever. I signed for my husband and my mother. That way my mom was  
able to be in the labor room for a bit before she chose to bow out,  
waited in the hall a bit then when she heard my daughter cry and came  
back in, held her etc. Same goes for the recovery room. I LOVED my  
experience at BWH. My nurse stayed with me even after her shift ended  
to see me through. She also was a great advocate for me during the  
whole process to make certain my requests were being met.

Hope this helps,

Emily Z. Kontos, ScM
Harvard School of Public Health
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

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> We went out our labor & delivery tour at Brigham & Women's Hospital  
> yesterday and I have some questions/concerns about the visitors  
> policy  The tour guide emphasized that visiting hours are 1 - 8 pm  
> and she sounded pretty strict.  For example, if the baby is born at  
> say 8 or 9 pm, then the grandparents won't be allowed to visit until  
> 1 pm the next day.  We asked a lot of questions and kept getting the  
> same answer: no visitors except between 1 and 8 pm.  This is not  
> going to go over well with our parents . . . not to mention the fact  
> that I think I would like to see my mom after I'm moved from the  
> recovery room.
> I would love to hear other mom's experiences, especially if you  
> delivered in the evening.  Were the L&D nurses flexible about the  
> visitors policy?  I was surprised to hear this policy because  
> everyone I know who has delivered at BWH has had nothing but good  
> things to say.  Thanks in advance for your help.
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