[Parentsgroup-list] having a baby at BWH

Kimberly Bertrand kbertran at hsph.harvard.edu
Sun Mar 15 12:35:41 EDT 2009

We went out our labor & delivery tour at Brigham & Women's Hospital
yesterday and I have some questions/concerns about the visitors policy.  The
tour guide emphasized that visiting hours are 1 - 8 pm and she sounded
pretty strict.  For example, if the baby is born at say 8 or 9 pm, then the
grandparents won't be allowed to visit until 1 pm the next day.  We asked a
lot of questions and kept getting the same answer: no visitors except
between 1 and 8 pm.  This is not going to go over well with our parents . .
. not to mention the fact that I think I would like to see my mom after I'm
moved from the recovery room.

I would love to hear other mom's experiences, especially if you delivered in
the evening.  Were the L&D nurses flexible about the visitors policy?  I was
surprised to hear this policy because everyone I know who has delivered at
BWH has had nothing but good things to say.  Thanks in advance for your
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