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Jenn, a friend and classmate at HGSE, sent me this info. If you have an 8
year old and are interested in helping PBS and WGBH design educational
activities, then please join their focus group. I have pasted Jenn's info
and contact below.

Shilpa (Mom of Tanmay)

Ed. M. 09 Candidate
Technology, Innovation, and Education
Harvard Graduate School of Education

>>>>>>>Jenn's email below>>>>>>>

We want to hear from 8-year-olds!
Join a project with WGBH, PBS, and Harvard Graduate School of Education

Students at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, in partnership with
WBGH-Boston, are looking for 8-year-olds to give feedback on new online
activities to accompany an educational TV show on PBS.

Children will participate in a 90 minute focus group with other local
8-year-olds, to be held on Harvard=92s Cambridge campus between April 2-6.

The focus group will view a 20-minute segment from the TV show, then share
ideas about ways they might interact online with the show=92s content. The
producers at WGBH hope to use this feedback to develop educational web
activities that are appealing to and age-appropriate for kids. Refreshments
will be served and children will receive a small token of appreciation from

Please note: Final date and time for the focus group will be determined in
collaboration with interested families. We=92re hoping to accommodate as ma=
busy schedules as possible!

If you think your child would be interested in joining, please contact Jenn
Stevens at 617-519-8217 or at jms274 at mail.harvard.edu for more information
by Saturday, March 28. Please feel free to share this information with other
parents of 8-year-olds who might be interested.

We hope you can join us!
Jenn Stevens
Ed. M. candidate, Harvard Graduate School of Education
jms274 at mail.harvard.edu
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