[Parentsgroup-list] Suggestions for toothbrushing

Karen Huyck khuyck at hsph.harvard.edu
Thu Mar 12 07:58:34 EDT 2009

Hi, Michelle. I am very behind on my listserv reading, but in case it  
is still relevant, we LOVE Dr. Lorna Lally in Davis Square. She has  
three of her own little ones and does pediatric and adult dentistry. I  
just took my 1 year old for a 1 year visit that my pediatrician's  
office recommended and it was fun. The office is very cozy and  
everyone is nice. Mainly she gave me a lot of helpful information and  
advice then sang him a song and peeked in his mouth. He was mesmerized  
by the song and hardly noticed that he did his least favorite  
thing...have his mouth opened! Karen

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