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I haven't used G-diapers myself but thought they sounded cool. A friend 
had this to say about them, though. He started trying to use them but 
gave up. I've also heard from a different friend that "blowouts" are 
more of a problem.

I'm still considering it, for the environmental reasons, but not sure it 
is worth the extra price and hassle.

good luck, if you try them, I'd be interested to know how you find it.


"I think the problem for us was one of commitment on our part and the 
fact that she is with either grandparents or a daycare provider for 
large stretches of time during the week.  It is one thing to decide that 
you are going to do this and another to ask your daycare provider or 
parents to do it as it is a little messy if you are flushing them as we 
tried to do.  Also, it was less convenient for the times when we left 
the house.  Finally, there was a greater incidence of blow outs that in 
the disposable diapers.   So I guess it came down to a matter of 
convenience and consistency vs. doing better by the world.  It felt 
wrong to give up and we have been using them occasionally but she is now 
too big for them.

The other problem is one of sizing.  When our baby was first born, she 
really wasn't big enough to get a tight fit so we used disposables while 
she gained weight.  Unfortunately that gives you a very good sense of 
how convenient it is to use the disposable and neither my wife nor I 
ever became fully committed to the g-diaper."

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> Hi everybody,
> I am thinking=A0about switching to G-Diapers (flushable diapers).
> Does anybody have any experience (good or bad)=A0with them?
> Thanks a lot for your emails=A0in advance! =
> Best, =
> Eva
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