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Dear Kennedy School Parents

A BIG thank you to all who have completed the survey. I am really excited as, from what I have seen to date, I am sure we can have fun and provide a useful platform for the remaining part of this term, and also create something which future families coming to the KSG will really benefit from.

This survey will close at 5pm on Monday so anyone who has not yet had the chance to do it and would be willing to join, please do so before then:


The Kennedy School has kindly offered us the use of the Malkin Penthouse for the first of our family events next Saturday afternoon (14th March). We are planning an afternoon of fun for the kids and a chance for us as parents and families to work out exactly what could be useful in the creation of this network so we hope to meet you and see you there.

All the best


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Hi there

My husband, son and I certainly found it a challenge moving here. Much of what was available initially seemed to be only applicable and an option for people moving more permanently. We think having access to a close reliable network of families facing similar challenges, would help enormously.

The aspiration of the HKS Parents Network is to provide this for all those students and their families who come to the Kennedy School whatever program or background.

I have created a questionnaire to gauge how big and diverse this network is, what the interests are and to identify support for taking this idea on further. Even if you are in your last few months at the school your contribution will be invaluable.

If you are a parent or family here please help us by completing the survey, it will take no more than 5 minutes:


If you are not a parent but would like to participate then I would welcome your involvement so please reply to me.

I really appreciate your help and support.

Kindest regards


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