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see below. From Christine Wenc, the former leader of the parents' group.

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Compassionate Communication Mini-Course
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Hey Susannah -- passing this along to post to the group --

Hope all is well!

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Hi Christine,

I just wanted to let you know that the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard
now has a parenting group that some of your members of your parents'
group might be interested in: the Harvard Humanist Parents.  We've met
twice so far and have a meeting coming up on March 14th at the Harvard
Museum of Natural History.  Additionally we have a parenting course
called Compassionate Communication coming up at the end of March.
I've enclosed information about that course below.  Feel free to
forward to anyone you might think could benefit.  All are welcome!

Jenni Acosta

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Subject: Harvard Humanist Parents: Register Now and Spread the Word!
Compassionate Communication Mini-Course
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Compassionate Communication Mini-Course

Learn new skills in communication that can improve your connection
with your significant other, your children, and your loved ones in


Moving from a merely non-religious belief system to practicing a
compassionate Humanism in our daily lives is a challenge.
Compassionate Communication is an approach that gives us the skills
for just that transition.  No matter how rational we may try to be,
feelings of conflict with those we care about arise all the time and
test our ability to be compassionate. But by learning to speak from a
place of observation, not judgment, we also learn to hear each other
with empathy.

This course will focus on the method of needs-based (or nonviolent)
communication system as a tool for more effectively understanding,
acknowledging, and responding to and meeting the universal human needs
we all experience.

>From the Center for Nonviolent Communication [1]:

The process of NVC encourages us to focus on what we and others are
observing separate from our interpretations and judgments, to connect
our thoughts and feelings to underlying human needs/values (e.g.
protection, support, love), and to be clear about what we would like
towards meeting those needs. These skills give the ability to
translate from a language of criticism, blame, and demand into a
language of human needs -- a language of life that consciously
connects us to the universal qualities “alive in us” that sustain and
enrich our well being, and focuses our attention on what actions we
could take to manifest these qualities.

Nonviolent Communication skills will assist you in dealing with major
blocks to communication such as demands, diagnoses and blaming. In
CNVC trainings you will learn to express yourself honestly without
attacking. This will help minimize the likelihood of facing defensive
reactions in others. The skills will help you make clear requests.
They will help you receive critical and hostile messages without
taking them personally, giving in, or losing self-esteem. These skills
are useful with family, friends, students, subordinates, supervisors,
co-workers and clients, as well as with your own internal dialogues.

Convert blame and distrust into mutual understanding...Say ‘no’
clearly without offending...Give honest feedback without
blame...Enhance understanding across boundaries, while acknowledging
different needs and temperaments...And much more.

In three 2-hour sessions you can learn the basics of this method .
Those willing to commit to a monthly "Practice Group" can then use the
group process to practice these skills with the support and help of
other like-minded adults. In the "Practice Groups" you will expand
your use of empathy and learn a 4-step process of dealing with
disagreements. You will also practice how to dissipate unproductive
emotional interactions by understanding and responding to their
underlying unmet need. Join us for this exciting exploration!

Time: 3 Sundays: March 22, March 20, April 5th, 2009, 3-5PM

Place: Harvard University Science Center [2] Room B-10 3/22 & 3/29;
Emerson Hall [3] 104

Cost: $20 per session/$50 for all three sessions/$80 per couple for
three sessions

Childcare may be available: inquire at thenewhumanism at gmail.com

Trainer: Dr. Margo Woods [4], Ethical Society of Boston

Call 781-646-6059 to register or come to first session.

Sponsored by the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard
Check out our new group for Humanist Parents!

** Please Forward this e-mail to people and/or groups you know would
be interested.  All are welcome.**

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