[Parentsgroup-list] Day programs for toddlers

Albert Tseng atseng34 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 13:45:20 EDT 2009

I will be attending Harvard Kennedy School for the 1 year Mid Career Program
starting this July and will be accompanied by my wife, daughter Sadie (21
months) and son Cole (1 month).
My wife will not be working during the year and would like to find some
programs where she can bring my daughter to participate (Readings, Sing
along, playgroups, etc) so that she is semi-supervised and entertained (with
my wife and son there or nearby).  I have found that the Public libraries
(Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville) and the book store in Davis Square have
Readings and Sing along sessions for short periods of 1/2 hour to an hour.
 Looking to supplement with other perhaps longer programs (1 to 3 hours), as
my daughter is used to a full day of activities with other children at
daycare here in Toronto. We are also looking for some sort of dance program
for toddlers.

Any suggestions of programs (either free or paid) would be very much

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