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Prenatal vitamins usually contain folic acid (to prevent neural tube defects
like spina-bifida) and extra iron (because your blood volume increases by
about 30% during pregnancy).  There are some new Rx prenatals that also
include DHA, which is supposed to aid with eye and brain development.
This may sound odd, but I would seriously look at the packaging on any
prenatals you're thinking about too.  The Rx from my first pregnancy were a
PAIN to open(you had to tear through a notch on bubble-packs strong enough
to tile the space-shuttle with).  I stopped taking them after four months.
 The Rx from my second pregnancy was an update to the same brand (Prenate
DHA, I think), with greatly improved packaging--I took them throughout and
beyond, during the first months of breast feeding.  The good news is that
both pregnancies produced healthy kiddos.   My uneducated opinion is that
(and my OB backed me up on this) that as long as you're maintaining a
healthy diet, prenatals are more of an insurance plan.  They have the added
plus of strong, shining, healthy nails and hair throughout your pregnancy,
on the other hand, I found them so constipating that I LIVED on prunes
throughout >P

Good luck!

On Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 2:00 PM, Maryann Shenoda
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> Dear all,
> Can anybody tell me the difference between prenatal vitamins and
> regular women's multivitamins?  Are prenatal vitamins necessary or is
> a multivitamin sufficient during pregnancy?
> thanks,
> Maryann
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