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Maryann Shenoda mshenoda at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Jul 24 09:24:13 EDT 2009

For those of you who are interested in following up on the Dr. Holzman  
complaint that I filed with HUHS.  I just received this email from  
Linda Cannon.  I encourage those of you who have had bad experiences  
to make them known to the Linda Cannon, Dr. Rosenthal, and Dr. Lynch.

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> From: "Cannon, Linda" <Lcannon at uhs.harvard.edu>
> Date: July 24, 2009 8:44:20 AM EDT
> To: "Maryann Shenoda" <mshenoda at fas.harvard.edu>
> Cc: "Rosenthal, David" <Drose at uhs.harvard.edu>, "Lynch, Maureen" <Mlynch at uhs.harvard.edu 
> >
> Subject: follow up
> Dear Mrs. Shenoda,
>     Thank you for your letter of July 17, 2009 about your recent  
> visit with Dr. Holzman.  We are sorry for the confusion about the  
> vaccines and we take your issues seriously.  Dr. Holzman had  
> informed Dr. Lynch about this at the time of your visit.  This error  
> has reinforced the importance of reviewing and reconciling the  
> immunizations in the same way that the Pediatric clinicians do with  
> allergies and medications. Dr. Lynch has already communicated this  
> additional step to everyone. With the number of vaccines that are  
> given, and now with some people making their own vaccine schedules,  
> has made the process quite complicated and make the reconciliation  
> all the more important
>    Bringing this to our attention will improve the care given in our  
> Pediatric Dept.  Please let me, reassure you that the duplication of  
> the MMR will cause your son no harm but we are aware that any shot  
> is uncomfortable.
>    We will be discussing the concerns you raised with Dr.Holzman and  
> Dr. Lynch will be meeting with Dr. Holzman regarding these issues.
>    We regret and apologize that this negative experience occurred.    
> We appreciate your willingness to provide us with this feedback and  
> we recognize the opportunity to improve.
> Sincerely,
> Dr. David Rosenthal, Director of HUHS
> Linda Cannon, Patient Advocate

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