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Maryann Shenoda mshenoda at fas.harvard.edu
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Thanks Susannah,
I too would encourage all those parents who've had a bad experience  
with Dr. Holzman (or any other pediatrician) to report the  
negligence.  In addition to writing to David Rosenthal and member  
services, we will also file a grievance with the MA Board of  
Registration in Medicine (BORIM), instructions/forms here: http://www.massmedboard.org/consumer/complaint.shtm 

I am told by some public interest experts whom I have consulted about  
this issue that BORIM in Wakefield is now good at following through  
with these complaints.  They are also a good resource if you are  
looking for a doctor and want to know if any grievances have already  
been filed against them.

On Jul 16, 2009, at 1:58 PM, rose at fas.harvard.edu wrote:

> Dear Maryann,
> I also urge you to contact member services, and also to write a  
> letter to the
> medical director at HUHS, David S. Rosenthal, M.D.
> It is very important that such mistakes are recognized at the  
> administration
> level -- there may be ways, at both the clinician and the system  
> levels, to
> make such mistakes occur less frequently.
> If any other parents have experienced such poor care at HUHS, please  
> let me know
> (as the GSAS Parents Group Chair), and let Dr. Rosenthal know. I  
> worked in
> health care for over 10 years, and I know that letters often get  
> people's
> attention.
> I am so glad that nothing really damaging happened to your son.
> Best,
> Susannah
> Quoting Maryann Shenoda <mshenoda at fas.harvard.edu>:
>> Irene, I suggest that you file a grievance with HUHS about Dr.
>> Holzman.  It needs to be clear to those in charge that we are not
>> happy with this type of care.
>> On Jul 16, 2009, at 1:23 PM, Irene Newton wrote:
>>> Hi everyone,
>>> Thank you so much Maryann for bringing this to everyone's
>>> attention.  We also had Dr. Holzman for a short time while at
>>> Harvard and were extraordinarily upset by her inattentiveness and
>>> her dismissal of our wishes.  Our son was properly diagnosed with
>>> enlarged adenoids at MIT medical while Dr. Holzman considered his
>>> extent of sickness/allergies/trouble breathing as just part of being
>>> in daycare.  It's also true that our son never warmed to her.
>>> Thankfully, we moved him to my husband's insurance and have had
>>> excellent care ever since.
>>> -Irene Newton
>>> On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 1:19 PM, Maryann Shenoda <mshenoda at fas.harvard.edu
>>>> wrote:
>>> Dear parents,
>>> I am writing to let you all know about our experience with Dr. Susan
>>> Holzman today at HUHS (Holyoke).  Dr. Holzman has been very
>>> inattentive to our son since the day he was born.  She is not a very
>>> good listener and has nearly given him the wrong shots several times
>>> in the past.  In one case, she simply brought one too many shots to
>>> give our son.  However, today we took him for his 15 month visit and
>>> she gave him the wrong shot.  For some reason she had given him the
>>> MMR shot at his 12 month visit and today she did not consult his
>>> record and assumed that he should just get the MMR.  He was not
>>> scheduled for another MMR until 4.5 years or so.  She did not  
>>> realize
>>> her mistake until we looked at the record and brought it to her
>>> attention, at which point she admitted that she had not looked at  
>>> his
>>> record and made assumptions about what he should get at this visit.
>>> I am emailing this message because I want the parents on this list  
>>> to
>>> know about this negligence.  In our case, it will not be damaging-- 
>>> at
>>> least that is what other pediatricians (whom we actually trust) have
>>> told us.  But it is very unsettling to think that a doctor is that
>>> inattentive and that negligent that she does not even do the  
>>> basics of
>>> referring to the patient's chart.  Needless to say, this has  
>>> caused us
>>> to look for another doctor and file a complaint.
>>> peace,
>>> Maryann
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