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So it was not only our family!!  I also had several very unpleasant
experiences with her as well.  I brought my 4 1/2 old son to her last
January for fear of having pneumonia. Even though I told her my son had
several experiences of pneumonia and this time his cough sounded different
from usual cold, she was not very attentive. She just dismissed him saying
he is perfectly fine.  After three weeks of severe cough and fever, we found
out that my son DID have a pneumonia and he was being healed on his own w/o
antibiotics.  (When we visited Dr. Holzman, it was still very early stage of
pneumonia so it is likely that she could not have heard the crispy sound of
his lung, but still, she was not attentive)

Another experience was with my younger son (2 yr) when he was having a
severe allergy reaction on one of the weekends in early spring.  I called
the HUHS for advice and she was the one who called me. While I was in total
panic, she was very very unkind, as if  I totally ruined her weekend
and just told me to go to ER room. That was it.

Our primary care doctor is Dr. Dorrell, who is just so wonderful and very
careful about everything.  My experiences with Dr. Holzman was on emergency
situations only, but they were very very bad.

Thanks Maryann for bringing this up. I thought she was being mean to our
family for some reason, but I guess not.

Eun Ha

On Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 2:19 AM, Maryann Shenoda
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> Dear parents,
> I am writing to let you all know about our experience with Dr. Susan
> Holzman today at HUHS (Holyoke).  Dr. Holzman has been very
> inattentive to our son since the day he was born.  She is not a very
> good listener and has nearly given him the wrong shots several times
> in the past.  In one case, she simply brought one too many shots to
> give our son.  However, today we took him for his 15 month visit and
> she gave him the wrong shot.  For some reason she had given him the
> MMR shot at his 12 month visit and today she did not consult his
> record and assumed that he should just get the MMR.  He was not
> scheduled for another MMR until 4.5 years or so.  She did not realize
> her mistake until we looked at the record and brought it to her
> attention, at which point she admitted that she had not looked at his
> record and made assumptions about what he should get at this visit.
> I am emailing this message because I want the parents on this list to
> know about this negligence.  In our case, it will not be damaging--at
> least that is what other pediatricians (whom we actually trust) have
> told us.  But it is very unsettling to think that a doctor is that
> inattentive and that negligent that she does not even do the basics of
> referring to the patient's chart.  Needless to say, this has caused us
> to look for another doctor and file a complaint.
> peace,
> Maryann
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