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Susan McDonald susan_mcdonald at ksg07.harvard.edu
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It also helps to consider your size and your kid's size and activity
level. I found an inexpensive but solid back-mounted toddler seat on
Craig's List and used it for my son up to 2.5 yrs. After that, I found
it was a little treacherous for me in traffic due to the weight
sitting so high up -- he's a big, solid, wiggly kid and I'm a more
petite mother. If you're lanky or bigger and/or have a small kid, I
think this works better. Knowing what I know now, I would have chosen
a trailer, esp. if you can find a used one since they can be pricey. I
suggest testing out a friend's first -- some kids really want to be up
front "riding" with you. I'm interested in a trail-a-bike now that
he's past 4.

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> I have a bike trailer for my 4 and 1.5 year old.  We all LOVE it.  We're in
> Harvard Square, so we're often contending with traffic to get anywhere.
> But, you figure out what streets, intersections, etc... are good.  Highly
> recommend a trailer.
> Hilary
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> We had a front-mounted kid seat for our 2-3 year old (WeeRide) and
> looooved it.  No experience with trailers.  He outgrew the WeeRide at
> around 3.5 years (40-inch height limit, I think), and now at a bit
> past 4 is riding a trail-a-bike happily.  Can't wait til #2 is big
> enough to sit up in the WeeRide now-- she's, um, not born yet, so it
> will be a little while...  The main disadvantage of the WeeRide that I
> can see is that one person can't take two kids at the same time,
> unlike a larger trailer.
> Andrea
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