[Parentsgroup-list] Deer ticks and lyme--HUHS doctors?

Alexander Macalalad amacalal at hsph.harvard.edu
Tue Jul 14 13:48:11 EDT 2009

Hi Sara,

You don't mention if you have any symptoms consistent with Lyme disease 
(typically fever and a rash).  A few observations:

1.  If you are asymptomatic for a month after the tick bite, then it is 
highly unlikely for you to develop symptoms later.  The guidelines put 
out by the Infectious Diseases Society of America recommends watchful 
waiting (no tests) in this case.

2.  If you are symptomatic, there are other tick borne illnesses endemic 
to this area that you should be checked for, including babesia and 
ehrlichia.  Make sure that your doctor knows to look for them.

3.  Even if you are symptomatic, it is highly unlikely for you to 
transmit the infection to you daughter via breastfeeding.  I am unaware 
of any cases documented in the medical literature.  And even if your 
daughter were bitten by ticks, it would be watchful waiting until she is 

I hope that this is reassuring.  Since we live in an endemic area, I 
would guess that HUHS sees their share of Lyme disease and should be 
familiar with diagnosis and treatment.  I do not have personal 
experience, however, so I can't vouch for any particular doctor.


spsuch wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been bitten by two deer ticks recently and, since I didn't  
> realize I'd been bitten, have continued to nurse my daughter since. I  
> believe this now makes this both an internist (for me) and pediatric  
> (for my daughter) issue. Ugh.
> Does anyone have experience with any of the HUHS primary care  
> physicians or pediatricians in terms of treating Lyme disease? Are  
> there any there that are more knowledgeable than the others?
> Or, any other tidbits or words of wisdom you might have for me. All  
> very welcome.
> Thanks! (and do those nightly tick checks--one I got in Maine but the  
> other was right here in good ol' suburbany Cambridge)
> Sara
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