[Parentsgroup-list] Eddie Bauer High Chair - $25 or best offer!

Judith Scott-Clayton judith_scott-clayton at ksgphd.harvard.edu
Tue Jul 7 12:10:40 EDT 2009

Dear Parents,

We are moving and no longer need our elegant wood Eddie Bauer high
chair, which my daughter has loved for two years.  A new one sells for
$160 and looks like this:

I bought it used for $50 two years ago from another parent on the
parentslist, and would love to pass it on for $25, or the best offer I
can get before, say, this friday.  I know many people these days go
for the little plastic guys that you can attach to a regular chair,
and I can see the convenience of that.  The advantages of this one are
that it is very sturdy, nice looking, and tall - the tray height is
actually above our dining table, lending a throne-like appearance to
the chair which a certain someone really liked.  Also, even now that
my daughter is 2 and can use a booster seat, or a regular seat, or no
seat at all (her preference), we moved this chair into the kitchen
where she likes to sit in it and read or color, safely out of the way
of the stove while I cook.  I have to admit that we never figured out
how the complicated buckling system works, but the tray can adjust
close enough that even without the buckle Astrid was always very

The chair, tray, and cover have been thoroughly cleaned and
disinfected.  The wood finish is admittedly worse for wear after its
second owner... Astrid's left leg was in a cast for a while, and she
loved to kick it against the footrest, wearing off the finish in that
spot; the chair legs also have their bumps and bruises.  But you can
feel good about having a recycled, well-loved product with its own
boisterous history.

E-mail me if you're interested or if you have any questions.  I can
probably take some pics if that would help. We live in Central Square
and don't have a car, but if transport is an issue I'm sure we can
figure something out.

- Judy Scott-Clayton (Public Policy PhD '09!)

Judith Scott-Clayton
tel: 617-275-6402
e-mail: scott-clayton at tc.columbia.edu

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