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rose at fas.harvard.edu rose at fas.harvard.edu
Sat Jan 31 08:43:58 EST 2009

I have never tipped a sitter, but I do tend to pay $15/hr rate, and I will round
up if needed.

I think that other things also make a big difference -- offering the sitter to
have some dinner, if prepared, trying not to "micro-manage" her time with my
daughter (such as letting her give Sophia a small treat, watch more TV than
usually allowed, etc).

I think that providing a pleasant, respectful environment that allows the sitter
(if competent) to have some control over the evening and may "compensate" for a
few extra dollars. I know that sometimes babysitters are not treated very well,
so I try not to be like that. (FYI -- I do have some specific rules, such as
sticking to bedtime, eating a good dinner, brushing teeth, etc.)

Don't know if any of this helps -- I am sure that all of you know this stuff --
I have not yet finished my morning coffee :)


Quoting hilary soldati <hvidati at gmail.com>:

> I am so thankful for this thread.  We've just been searching for a sitter
> and I now realize that we were shopping at an embarrassingly low rate.  Live
> and learn.
> But, now I am also wondering - what about tip?  Is it still customary to tip
> a sitter (with such high hourly rates)?  If so, what's a standard tip?
> Thanks,
> Hilary

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