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Fri Jan 30 23:15:14 EST 2009

Hi Hilary,

I don't tip my sitters. I sometimes round up, sometimes not. Ie, if I  
owe $43, sometimes I'll give $45 but if I have the ones, I'll give  
$43. I know some people do tip and, certainly, if you want to be on  
the top of that sitter's priority list, it can only help! I did give  
my most regular babysitter a christmas gift equivalent to about one  
night's sitting (I also guarantee her at least one sitting job/week.  
We have a set night but if I can't do it that night, I always  
reschedule with her instead of just canceling. She seems very  
appreciative of this.).

They are expensive and it does add up fast. Sigh...


On Jan 30, 2009, at 11:09 PM, hilary soldati wrote:

> I am so thankful for this thread.  We've just been searching for a  
> sitter and I now realize that we were shopping at an embarrassingly  
> low rate.  Live and learn.
> But, now I am also wondering - what about tip?  Is it still  
> customary to tip a sitter (with such high hourly rates)?  If so,  
> what's a standard tip?
> Thanks,
> Hilary
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