[Parentsgroup-list] Re: childcare 2-3 year old? (and infant)

Pia Owens piaowens at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 12:33:55 EST 2009

We've had great luck with the Warmlines referral service. Warmlines is a
parent resource center in Newton. They host various classes (including a
free new parents' group which I recommend) and they also have a childcare
referral service. They charge $60 for the basic service, which gives you a
list of about 15-20 places that meet your needs, or $100 for the extended
service, where they give you a list of places with confirmed openings. For
either service, if you don't like any of the choices, they will find more
without an additional charge. We have used it twice, once to find infant
daycare and once to find a preschool, and it's been totally worth it for us
because I had spent so much time on my own trying to track down different
places and call them and find out details. The URL is
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