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Debrah Rud debrah_rud at student.hms.harvard.edu
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Hi all,

Yes, Susan makes a good point about the timing of the application process,
but the issue here is that the scholarship program has not been renewed, so
we don't know if funds will even be available to apply for at all.

This is the issue at hand: are there funds available? The scholarship was a
3 year pilot program, and last year was the third year.


On 1/23/09 12:50 PM, "Susan McDonald" <susan_mcdonald at ksg07.harvard.edu>

> Hi,
> Susannah asked if others have had to sign the childcare contract
> before knowing about the scholarship. Having been both a grad student
> and (now) staff, I can say this seems to be standard in terms of how
> the scholarships are administered, with months respectively between
> contract signing, scholarship application, scholarship notification,
> and (retroactive) disbursement of funds. I realize this is a listserv
> for students, not staff, but it may help to understand that this seems
> to be how the Work-Life schedule works across the board.
> Susan
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>> Harvard Grad Parents:
>> I am very, very glad that Debrah brought this issue up to the group and to my
>> attention. In the past, I have worked with GSC, HGWISE and the administration
>> to help improve issues related to grad parents.
>> I trying to find out whether or not the childcare scholarships will be
>> available
>> again this year to qualified grad parents. I do not have any answers yet, but
>> I
>> hope to get updates next week.
>> Is there anyone, other than Debrah, who is the same situation? -- Having to
>> sign
>> a Harvard daycare contract before knowing whether or not you are going to
>> receive a childcare scholarship this year? If so, please let me know.
>> Best,
>> Susannah Rose
>> Chair, Harvard Parents' Group
>> Quoting Debrah Rud <debrah_rud at student.hms.harvard.edu>:
>>> Thanks Sara ­ very wise words. Appreciate the thoughtful response. Deb
>>> On 1/21/09 1:04 PM, "spsuch" <spsuch at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> Hi Debrah, et al,
>>>> This is certainly a very tough situation. Here are my thoughts based on my
>>>> experience working with large (like Harvard) and small (like the daycare
>>>> centers) organizations.
>>>> I fear that if pressure is put on the University to make a decision before
>>>> they are ready and have decided the budget as a whole, the answer is more
>>>> likely to be 'no'. 'No' is, when it comes to financial issues, the safer
>>>> answer. What might be doable, however, is to find out the date by which
>>> this
>>>> decision will be made. Could the Office of Work Life help to get an answer
>>> to
>>>> this piece of the puzzle?
>>>> The organizations that do have flexibility are the daycare centers. I'm not
>>>> currently enrolled in one but have applied to most of them for this
>>> September.
>>>> They've told me that the earliest I might hear is the beginning of spring
>>> or
>>>> maybe, even, late April or early May. I'm not sure what they do between
>>>> January 23 and April 1, but maybe they could find some way to move their
>>>> January 23 deadline for re-enrolling closer to April. I imagine they might
>>>> start calling families, doing tours, etc, but, the likely truth of the
>>> matter
>>>> is that the need is so great that they will fill their spots even if they
>>>> wait.
>>>> If I were currently enrolled, I'd approach the director, explain the
>>> situation
>>>> and see if you (or anyone to whom this applies) might get an extension on
>>> the
>>>> re-enrollment deadline.
>>>> I hesitate to send out an email with advice that doesn't pertain to me
>>>> (though, fingers crossed on both the enrollment and scholarship fronts, it
>>>> might next year!), but here it is, for what it's worth...
>>>> Sara
>>>> HGSE
>>>> On Jan 21, 2009, at 12:27 PM, Debrah Rud wrote:
>>>>>  Hi all,
>>>>>  As some of you may know, the doctoral student child care scholarship was
>>> a 3
>>>>> year pilot program and last year was the last year of the pilot. The
>>> Office
>>>>> of Work Life does not know if the scholarship funds will be renewed. The
>>>>> deadline for re-enrolling children at many Harvard affiliated programs
>>> (where
>>>>> the funds are valid) is approaching quickly. I know for my daycare center
>>>>> (PTCC) the deadline to re-enroll is THIS FRIDAY 1/23.
>>>>>  I called the Office of Work Life and they don¹t think it is likely that
>>> the
>>>>> scholarship committee will make a decision before the deadline to
>>> re-enroll.
>>>>> The woman in the office suggested that I contact my dean, which I did, and
>>> he
>>>>> didn¹t really know who to call to put pressure on. I¹m not sure what to
>>> do.
>>>>> It is a helpless feeling.
>>>>>  I feel strongly that even if the answer is that the scholarships will not
>>> be
>>>>> available, we need to know that. The timing of this is very tricky, as we
>>> are
>>>>> being asked to either commit to paying $20K or more for a year of child
>>> care
>>>>> without knowing if we will get any financial assistance or to lose our
>>>>> hard-won slots at daycares where we have forged relationships with care
>>>>> givers.
>>>>>  This is a tough spot. At least for me I know my son is eligible for
>>>>> kindergarten in Cambridge next fall, but there are many families that
>>> don¹t
>>>>> have the choice of public school next year.
>>>>>  Does anyone know who we can talk to in order to get an answer? I think
>>> this
>>>>> puts many of us in a very difficult position.
>>>>>  Thanks,
>>>>>  Debrah
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